Wyoming Horses continues a long tradition of professional horse leasing in the Mountain States. With hundreds of horses from which to  choose, we have a horse and equipment for every rider or business. Whether you are looking for a string of saddle or pack horses to supplement your operation or a few horses to take on a hunting trip, we have quality, PROVEN horses to suit your needs.
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Wyoming Horses is owned and operated by Bob Vogel and Dar Mantle-Vogel. The Mantle family has been in the horse leasing business for over thirty years. WYOMING HORSES services contracts throughout Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado,  South Dakota, and Utah. Come to our leasing stations to pick your horses or it may be possible to deliver them to your ranch, trailhead, or favorite hunting area as per our Delivery Policy.

New customers are invited to stop at the ranch and select horses, or you can let us know
what you're looking for and we'll select horses for you!
Bob, Dar, Josee, Kit & Kage Vogel
with Lonnie Mantle
Wyoming Horses offers hundreds of horses to choose from! We can provide you with trail horses,
mountian horses, family horses, kid horses, pack horses and hunting horses!

No personal checks and no credit cards. Company checks must be preapproved. Horses and tack are reserved ONLY with completed contract and down payment. It is at Wyoming Horses discretion which Plan we use for each customer. All first year customers will be on Plan #2.
All Short Trip customers will be Plan #3.
Payment Plan #1 1/3 due upon delivery, 1/3 due July 1, 1/3 due August 1 (or as approved by Wyoming Horses).

Payment Plan #2 1/4 due with contract, 1/4 due upon delivery, 1/4 due July 1, 1/4 due August 1.

Payment Plan #3 1/4 due with contract, balance upon taking possession of horses and/or tack.
GENERAL: (Please see price brochure/rate sheet and website for further information)
Default in payment as shown on this contract or mistreatment or abandonment of the horses and/or tack will result in immediate repossession by Wyoming Horses agent(s) and automatic forfeiture of all lease fees and Security Deposit. If payments are not received by the fifth of the month (or five days from the due date), Wyoming Horses reserves the right to, AND WILL, immediately remove the horses from Lessee’s possession and all lease fees paid will be forfeited. All Summer Lease fees will be paid in full by August 1. This contract does not permit horses or tack owned by Wyoming Horses to be sold and such sale will be treated as a criminal act. A service charge of 1.25% per month (annual rate of 15%) and finance charges will be added to past due, overdue and/or delinquent accounts. If the account is placed with an attorney for collection, I agree to pay all costs and attorney fees whether or not suit is brought. I agree to pay a $30.00 service charge for a check returned for any reason. Lessee agrees to name Lessor as additionally insured under Lessee’s commercial liability insurance policy, applicable to all horses and/or equipment owned by Wyoming Horses and in Lessee’s possession, and provide Lessor with certificate of such insurance coverage prior to acceptance of horses and beginning of season.

Summer Lease horse selection dates will be set by Wyoming Horses in late April and early May on a "first come, first serve" basis. First completed contract and money in picks early, last minute contracts pick later.

Short Trip
Lease customers are welcome to select their horses the day they take possession or one day before lease begins.

Fall Lease customers can select their horses on pick up day or up to 7 days in advance as availability dictates.

Winter Lease or special event lease
customers will need to coordinate selection dates as to availability, weather, and Wyoming Horses schedule in the off season. Horses are often wintered in range conditions away from ranch headquarters and corrals. In short, all Summer Lease lease fees and other charges for summer must be paid by August 1. Period. We have to buy hay in the summer and need to have all money earned in the summer paid in the summer.

All Fall Lease (over 14 days) lease fees and other charges must be paid by September 15 unless delivery is after September 15. Fall Leases taking possession (for over 14 days) after Sept 15 must have all lease fees and other charges paid 15 days from taking possession. This is for extensions of Summer Leases and for Fall only leases.

As per the price sheet (which we are following without exception and are being checked on that by the bank) the Summer lease fee for example per head for 1-19 head is $825 per head. That is FOB our ranch. If we are delivering there is (again) a minimal charge of $5/hd for delivery and again for backhaul for 10 head or more (combined loads will qualify for customers leasing fewer than 10 head) .

All Fall Lease (over 14 days) lease fees must be paid by September 15. This is for extensions of Summer Leases and for Fall only leases. We can simply add the Fall Lease horse numbers on one of the blank lines in the cost computation section under the signature line on page 3.

OR, if you are unsure of how many you may need for fall, a separate contract can be sent for Fall Lease horses in late summer. If you are wanting to estimate the number on the original contract and then will let us know the actual number needed for fall in late summer, please write "estimated" after the number requested for fall. Then contact us via email or some other written form as to the final number needed for fall. The crux of this is that I can amend your contract if you give me permission in writing -- another new requirement.

We are recommending contracts needing to select replacement or new horses (either chosen by us or by your rep) follow Payment Plan #2. As in years past, first money in picks first. If your horse list is complete and we agree, you may select Plan #1.

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