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Horses are the quickest and easiest way to get your camp in and get you to the game!

We offer gentle saddle and pack horses for every  hunter, whether you ride horses daily or have NEVER ridden! Price brackets are for lease periods 4 DAYS OR LESS, 5-14 DAYS, or FULL SEASON (anything over 14 days). We can also supply riding or pack equipment. It may be possible to deliver the equipment to your  favorite hunting area or trailhead.
SHORT TRIP RATES - Summer or Hunting
Lease prices for horses picked up at our Pavillion location (15 days or less).
Weekend: 1 - 4 Days
(Picked up on Day 1, returned on Day 4)
$500- includes complete tack set
Short Trip: 5 - 14 Days
$650 per horse - includes complete tack set
OUTFITTERSSupplement your existing string or lease an entire string of mountain horses that are already in shape to take on the rigors of  hunting season. These are seasoned horses that pack or ride and can handle every type of hunter. You are welcome to come to the ranch and choose your own stock.  Our rates make seasonal leasing an affordable alternative to ownership. Best of  all, if you do not like the horse it can be replaced.
FULL Summer/Fall Lease
May 1 -December 15 (or returned any date after 10/1)
$600 per horse added to Summer Lease Fee
1-19 head
20 or more
$1,600 per head
$1,550 per head
May 1 - Sept 1:
May 1 - Sept 20:
May 1 - Oct 10:
May 1 - Dec 15:
Fall Lease over 14 days
September 1 - December 15 (limited availability of horses prior to 9/10)
$700 per head
Per horse
Shod Horses

ALL HORSES: $110 per head

Short trip horses (less than 14 days) will have shoes on as is.
Winter Lease
December 15 to May 1
$700 per head

Wyoming Horses may offer delivery/backhaul of leased horses for a minimal charge based upon miles, quantity leased, weather, federal and state regulations permitting.

See our Delivery Policy for further information!

Bob Vogel & Dar Mantle Vogel
380  N. Pavillion Road • Pavillion, Wyoming 82523

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