Quality horses are available throughout the year for short fishing trips, cattle drives, camping trips, events, and vacations. The mountain states are famous for fabulous fishing holes and out-of-the-way camping spots.
CATTLE DRIVES are becoming a popular way for working ranches to earn extra income while  getting their ranch work done. We can provide horses for these special trips. If you've ever wanted to take the family on an unforgettable vacation there is no better way than with safe, gentle, seasoned saddle horses. We can even find a horse for Cousin Ida when she decides to tag along!
MOVIES AND COMMERCIALS - Hundreds of horses is something incredible to see. Set in the beauty of Wyoming or Montana or trucked to your location, we  can put any size of group together for any type of shot. Contracts with Marlboro and several movies have been arranged in the past.
Contact us for  information.
SHORT TRIP RATES - Summer or Hunting
Lease prices for horses picked up at our Pavillion location (15 days or less).
Weekend: 1 - 4 Days
(Picked up on Day 1, returned on Day 4)
$500 per horse - includes a full set of tack
Short Trip: 5 - 14 Days

Wyoming Horses will deliver and backhaul SUMMER, FALL OR WINTER HORSES for a minimal charge based upon miles and number leased. Call for specific quotes.

See our Delivery Policy for more details!
$650 per horse - includes full tack set

Bob Vogel & Dar Mantle Vogel
Email: info@wyominghorses.net
380  N. Pavillion Road • Pavillion, Wyoming 82523

866-856-5708 (Toll Free)
Shod Horses

Short trip horses (less than 14 days) will have shoes on as-is at no charge or can be fresh shod for $110/head.